I want to contribute the Chinese localization language pack, but HOW?


I found nowhere to translate the interface.


Hi @winofchina_1,

See my reply here:

Note that the KMC localisation link I attached discusses localising the current KMC which is written in Flash. We are hard at work on a new KMC which is pure HTML5 [using Angular2], see:

This is still work in progress and I can’t commit to a GA ETA yet but if you want to contribute a Chinese locale, you are more than welcome to make a pull request.
See: https://github.com/kaltura/kmc-ng/tree/master/src/i18n


H5 interface, that’ll be awesome!
BTW: I suggest to add our project to crowd-sourcing translation platform such as Transifex.Then it will be much more efficient to help translate.