I visit from host machine and install flasher player for browser, kaltura still asked me to install


I have installed kaltura ce on Vmbox and maped port virtual machine port:80 to 8080 on host machine. I have no problem to visit localhost:8080 and get on kaltura. But when I visit http://localhost:8080/kmc , it still asked me to install flash player which i have done already. The same problem I have encountered in Vmbox. you asked me to visit from host machine which i did, and the problem is still there? let me know what i can do thank you.

Wu Yong

another thing is that the red 5 i have install does not have ofla example, the list is empty. do i have to install the ofla example myself?


In regards to KMC, open your browser’s dev tools and look at the network tab. My guess is you’ve provided a host/service URL that is not resolvable from your hosting machine and thus, the needed files cannot be loaded.

About Red5, yes, you need to install the oflaDemo but only if you want the web cam recording from the KMC functionality, otherwise, Red5 is not needed for anything.