I am having trouble installing Kaltura Community Edition on CentOS 7

[Upload content kaltura_logo_animated_blue.flv] [FAILED, RC: 255] - [1.001929504]
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘KalturaException’ with message ‘Entry id “PHP” not found’ in /opt/kaltura/apps/clientlibs/php5/KalturaClientBase.php:916
Stack trace:
#0 /opt/kaltura/apps/clientlibs/php5/KalturaClient.php(800): KalturaClientBase->throwExceptionIfError(Array)
#1 /opt/kaltura/bin/check_entry_status.php(21): KalturaBaseEntryService->get(‘PHP’, NULL)
#2 {main}
thrown in /opt/kaltura/apps/clientlibs/php5/KalturaClientBase.php on line 916
Napping 10 seconds to allow entry PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘KalturaClientException’ with message 'failed to unserialize server result
’ in /opt/kaltura/apps/clientlibs/php5/KalturaClientBase.php:405
Stack trace:
#0 /opt/kaltura/apps/clientlibs/php5/KalturaClient.php(605): KalturaClientBase->doQueue()
#1 /opt/kaltura/bin/upload_test.php(27): KalturaBaseEntryService->addFromUploadedFile(Object(KalturaBaseEntry), ‘0_b369c03a837d9…’, ‘-1’)
#2 /opt/kaltura/bin/upload_test.php(46): upload(Object(KalturaClient), ‘/opt/kaltura/we…’, ‘1714473245.flv’, NULL, NULL)
#3 {main}
thrown in /opt/kaltura/apps/clientlibs/php5/KalturaClientBase.php on line 405 to digest…
Please note: if you are running this test on a clustered ENV, it will fail but this does not mean there is an actual problem.
The tech information as to why is available here:

[DWH cycle] [FAILED, RC: 255] - [30.293203412]
[Upload content kaltura_logo_animated_green.flv] [FAILED, RC: 255] - [1.028023726]
[Generate thumb] [FAILED, RC: 255] - [.193559102]
[Red5 file upload] [SKIPPED as OflaDemo isn’t configured]
see: platform-install-packages/doc/install-kaltura-redhat-based.md at master · kaltura/platform-install-packages · GitHub