HTTP 413: Request Entity Too Large

Has anyone else had this issue with the Kaltura API? I’m using the python API, but seems that the HTTP response is really the issue. This began today and we have not made any changes:

Oh, and the file size is around 150MB - not the biggest video I’ve uploaded by far.

Module KalturaClient.Plugins.Core, line 43382, in upload
Module KalturaClient.Client, line 326, in doQueue
Module KalturaClient.Client, line 274, in doHttpRequest
Module KalturaClient.Client, line 237, in openRequestUrl

KalturaClientException: HTTP Error 413: Request Entity Too Large (-4)

Hi @flipmcf,

I trust you’re well (it’s been some time).
From your post, I presume you’re working against the SaaS API endpoint (
If so and the issue still persists, please set the verbosity level to debug and share the log (masking any sensitive secrets). Also, please share your code (I am sure it’s fine but it would save me having to ask additional questions:)).


The our code is available here:

This was written well before Kaltura had the Python API up on github, so it’s a snapshot of the API from quite a while ago.

That Python API is here

Was working just fine until the cloud migration.

The problem is intermittent.

Note that the exception does not occur in our code, but is triggered by the SAAS endpoint returning the 413 Reply.

I’m not sure if it’s using the api_v3 endpoint - that is abstracted away within the Python API AFAICT

Hi Flip,

Indeed, as you noted, we’re in the midst of a migration. Nonetheless, issues should be reported and addressed.
Please open a support ticket and post the response headers (these are important because they include one that denotes which API node the request hit).