HTML5 Player try to Use HLS(m3u8) instead of HTTP


I have a Problem with the HTML5 Player.
I use Kaltura Video Platform - Community Edition 12.3.0 in a cluster but only with Apache (no nginx/VOD).

In our TestSystem the Html5 Player work like a charm.
In our LiveSystem the HTML5 Player tries to use HLS and try to use the VOD server.(That not exist)

Full Image Link

I tried to disable other Transfer Methods but without success.

Some Ideas ? :confused:


Uou can set disableHLSOnjs to true in the player’s UI vars and it will play progressive HTTP instead but I wouldn’t recommend it.
Any specific reason why you don’t want to use Nginx with the vod module?

See a more elaborate answer about how this works in this thread: Install kaltura without nginx


we cant use Nginx :confused:
Our Server Hoster (managed) dont allow us to use Nginx.

I added your UI var. No success

Sitenode: Flashplayer Works fine without changes.


Are you sure it’s not due to caching? try to create a new player adding this var and see if that works. Also, what player version are we talking about?

Hi @jess,

I use Player version v2.48.1.
I created a new player but also with noch success :confused:

I also tried to change the default in the Database.

Now the player tries to get m3u8 Files form the apache ( instead of using (

Hi @Raumen837,

Please provide a test URL and also, the output for:
select * from delivery_profile where partner_id in ($YOUR_PARTNER,0)\G
While masking tokens, if you’re using any.