HTML5 analytics


I have just upgraded my dev environment and noticed that a new HTML analytics is available.

I suppose it is better to install it on a different server. Should I configure the old Kanalony variables in local.ini in order to point to the correct URLs and elastic services ?
Where can I look for information in order to set it up correctly ?

Thanks in advance for any help,

David Eusse

Hi @david.eusse,

The HTML5 analytics app, as provided by the kaltura-html5-analytics package, uses the report API and continues to work against the same analytics mechanism as before [AKA: DWH, using Pentaho].
The live analytics, as provided by the kaltura-live-analytics-front package, which the “main” analytics app loaded in KMC ng links to, continues to fetch the data from the Kanalony live analytics backend.

So, really, no backend changes are needed here.

Hello Jess,

So it means that I must leave the DWH batch processes that process the kaltura logs intact and still struggle with pentaho :open_mouth: !

Any way, it’s a good advance, thank you.

We are finally working on an elastic/kibana real time module as well and I hope to finish it soon in order to share it.

Just one final question. I thought that live analytics based on Spark/Cassandra didn’t work anymore. We noticed that after upgrading the player, it stopped calling the live_stats_host. Am I wrong ?



The old live analytics plugin was disabled by default which caused the Spark/Cassandra analytics to stop working. You can either add the uiconf variable liveAnalytics.plugin = true or add liveAnalytics to the default plugin array here:


Thank you ! We didn’t know that.



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