HTML video player don't play video

I am trying to get Kaltura CE up and running with the docker image; I have passed a couple of issues but I am stuck at getting the video player working not willing to load the .m3u8 file :confused:

Preview url:

Can someone help me further where to look and how to resolve?

Hi TCK13,

Do you open port 88 or use Publisher account?

I configured VOD in the install wizard on the same port 80; is that a problem?

I have configured a publisher account and the preview when logged in to the publisher account by entries and the standalone preview reacts the same - not playing :cry:

Hi TCK13,

Yes, correct, the VOD use port 88, please reconfigure and try again.

I reconfigured the configuration in a way the internal NGINX configuration is accessible (Apache Virtualhost port 80 with ProxyPass to NGINX port 88) proof;

The video player still will not load the .m3u8 file, this time because the url results in 404 (with Safari) when I open the url with Firefox I got an CORS error :confused:

NEW Preview url:

[error] 724#724: *118 ngx_http_vod_hls_parse_uri_file_name: unidentified request, client:, server:, request: “GET /hls/p/102/sp/10200/serveFlavor/entryId/0_72rgfvfc/v/12/flavorId/0_ofkwxkc1/name/a.mp4 HTTP/1.1”, host: “localhost:88”