How to use Kaltura Generated API Client for Wordpress?

Hi, I want to use Kaltura CE self-hosted with Wordpress. I installed Kaltura AIO Plugin, it works in terms of API acces an displaying entries, but everything else seems to deprecated to work with Gutenberg Editor and alike.
What do you recommend? How do you use KalturaGeneratedAPIClientsWordpress?

Helllo @jens1,

If by “Kaltura AIO Plugin”, you are referring to then I’m afraid it is no longer actively maintained. It’s licensed under GPLv2, however, so if you’re interested, you’re welcome to bring it up to date and contribute your modifications in the form of a pull request.


We’re currently updating the plugin to work with Gutenberg. We’ll submit a PR
Best, Jens

Hi @jens1,

We will gladly review it once you do:)


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