How to use Different GA codes for the same player depending on the site


I am wondering if there is any way configured different Google Analytics accounts in one player, but that is used in different sites.

The issue is:

  1. We have videos in kaltura that are used in different webs from the same client.

  2. The client does not want to have many players. So, if they want to use one player, is it possible to send the Kaltura video events to different analytics accounts.

I know that it is possible to configured one account inside of Kaltura, but is there anything by the API or is there any way to solve this issue:

Many Sites -> one Player -> one video -> different GA accounts

Thanks for your help.



How about using Flashvars to configure the same player differently on different websites? Something like:
‘plugin’: true,
‘urchinCode’: ‘website_urchinCode’


Thanks, we will try it and get back to you if need it!

Kind regards and happy holidays