How to pull up all videos from Kaltura CE to Canvas LMS on Media Gallery

We have deployed a big project for our customer. This project include next integration:
Canvas LMS + Kaltura CE - 11.18.0 (self hosted) + AWS S3 storage.
We are able to upload the videos/audios via Canvas LMS admin panel and play them via Canvas or KMS dashboard.
Also this video shows up in needed AWS S3 bucket too.
Our question is:
There are a lot of video/audio files in the same S3 bucket that were uploaded there before.
And we need to be able to see all of them in Canvas LMS also (attach they into courses in Canvas).
In KMS dasboard we have used “Submit CSV/XML” button (
to upload test video from S3 but this video was shown up just in KMS dashboard and not in Canvas.
Is there any way to propagate all the videos/audio files from KMS to Canvas ?
In fact, we should have something like this:
Do we need to use KAF for our request? If yes, what is its price and what is needed to get started here?

Thank you, and waiting for your reply.


I am a bit confused… you say that you are using Kaltura CE but you then also mention KMS, which is not available for CE users, is not open source software and costs money. If you are using KMS, then you also have an account manager and are entitled to official Kaltura support, in which case, I suggest you contact your account manager.

My guess as far as your described issue goes, is that the entries in question are not under the category Canvas is set to look at but this is just a guess.

Hello Jess,

I am sorry that I misled you. It is just typo.
Under the ‘KMS’ i meant 'Kaltura Management Console (KMC)'
interface, here is screenshot:

And it is fully self hosted Kaltura CE and we don’t have official Kaltura support with this issue.


OK, now I understand:)
Like I wrote before, my guess as far as your described issue goes, is that the entries in question are not under the category Canvas is set to look at. I’d start by checking which categories the entries you DO see belong to and making sure all entries you want to show are attached to the right category.

Hello Jess,

Not sure I understand you correctly.
What is my next step on the way toward solving the problem?


You need to check what Kaltura category you configured Canvas to look at and ensure the entries belong to that category. You can verify this using the API or else from KMC.

Hello Jess,

Is there any guide of how to check this category?
Also do I need to configure Canvas LMS to be able to see all my videos from kaltura in Canvas’s Media Gallery button?


Hi @ally,
We’re using Canvas LMS self-host and we also install Kaltura too. And we got stuck in step input the KCW UI Conf ID, Uploader UI Conf ID. We can not find out the IDs to make Canvas LMS upload video work. Could you help me?

Thank you!