How to play smooth format using kaltura player

Hello, I hope you guys from this community have a happy new year,

if somebody has the knowledge or experience on this, I would like you to please help me

I’m learning about VOD smooth streaming, and I want to play it using the kaltura player but I’m unable to

in resume I created a delivery profile using kaltura-nginx mss, the manifest from kaltura-nginx work fine because I have test it using other player and plays fine

in the kaltura player when I use “streamerType”: “sl” in my embed code, I invoke the mss manifest correctly, but the silverlight plugin never runs, I guess because I’m generating the smooth stream on the fly using kaltura-nginx and there is no flavor with a tag “ism”.

I did some changes in the source code of the file mw.KWidgetSupport.js around line #1777:

		if (1==1) {
			var targetFlavors = ipadAdaptiveFlavors.length ? ipadAdaptiveFlavors : iphoneAdaptiveFlavors;
			var assetId = targetFlavors[0];
			var ismSource = this.generateAbrSource({
				entryId: asset.entryId,
				flavorUrl: flavorUrl,
				flavorId: "ism",
				type: 'video/ism',
				flavors: targetFlavors,
				format: "sl",
				ext: "ism",
				protocol: protocol,
				clipAspect: validClipAspect
			this.attachFlavorAssetDrmData(ismSource, assetId, flavorDrmData);

with this change, the silverlight plugins runs, in the network tab I cann see a “/html5/html5lib/v2.51.1/modules/EmbedPlayer/binPlayers/silverlight-player/Player.xap” and also the manifest URL of my mss from kaltura-nginx

but the player only shows the buffering animation, never plays

thank you very much for reading my post