How to load a Kaltura video faster

I am using Kaltura to load a video on my webpage and I am trying to make it load faster.

<script type="text/javascript" src=";playerId=daplayer&amp;autoembed=true&amp;width=400&amp;height=220&amp;cache_st=1362074486"></script>

Is there anyway to load it faster? Also, what is the difference between using cache_st=1362074486 or cache_st=141339990? Does this indicate that I am using the cache or not? As I need to use the cache to reduce the time.

Hi @SMH,

As explained here
Only set this in testing or development mode when performance is not required. If set to now+10min, this will rebuild the Player instead of serving the last instance from cache. Use only for testing while making changes to the Player. Do not use this in production.

The value is in Epoch [often referred to as UNIX timestamp]. Both values you provided are irrelevant anyhow since:
$ date --date "@1362074486"
Thu Feb 28 18:01:26 GMT 2013
$ date --date "@141339990"
Mon Jun 24 22:06:30 BST 1974

You haven’t provided any info about the Kaltura Server or player version you are using but it is highly recommended to use the latest stable [12.12.0 for the server, v2.54 for the player]. Also, make sure that:
is writeable by the Apache user, otherwise, cache cannot be stored.