How to know the installed version

The basic question is, is there any way to know which version of kaltura is currently running?
The URL is written in the initial screen accessed, but is this correct?

If I installed the latest, it looks like 16.13.0.

Please let me know what version I’m submitting to right now for clarification.

Hello @Sakurai,

If your server employ RPM based system (CentOS or RedHat EL), please execute the following command.

# rpm -qa kaltura-base

The version of the kaltura-base package indicates the system version.

And, “latest” version in package manager of Linux refers “stable” in repository page.
Now, the “stable” in repository page may be linked to “16.5.0”.


Dear @saoto.

Thanks for the answer.The result is # rpm -qa kaltura-base
kaltura-base-16.5.0-15 noarch
So I know the version. (CentOS)