How to integrate a CMS like contentful with Kaltura

Hi I am using Contentful as a CMS, and all of my site content are there. But I want to use kaltura video player to play and stream video for my website.

I want to use only player i.e. my video will come from contentful.

Is it possible and if yes then how?

Kindly reply ASAP, I need it urgently.



In order to use the Kaltura player, the content must reside on a Kaltura server, seeing how the player is making API requests to the Kaltura server in order to serve the file.
You can easily use the Kaltura API to export all your videos into Kaltura, be it a SaaS account or CE/OnPrem.
One such option is to use the bulk upload mechanism, by which you can upload a CSV/XML with URLs to your current assets and their respective metadata.

Contentful headless CMS allows you to develop, manage and organize content into what can be identified as “modules”, or bits of data that can be arranged to adapt to different devices including smartphones, computers, tablets and any other device you can add Kaltura video player easily while added the shortcode of Kaltura video player.