How to hide Control bars when mouse not move

I want to hide control bar when video playing. I searched in docs and google about that but I couldn’t find it.
E.g: Kaltura Player - Fast, Flexible, Video Player Toolkit - Custom Strings open the link and just start the demo video. You will see when mouse not hover on video, control bar is hiding. When mouse hover on video, control bar is showing.

How can I do that with embed ? I am using kWidget.embed({

Hello @mehmetozturk ,


                        "controlBarContainer": {
                                "plugin": true,
                                "hover": true 

If you want this to be applied globally for a given UI conf (player ID), you can check Hovering controls in KMC->Studio->Your Player->Settings

Hello @jess ,

I tried ‘Hovering controls’ on KMC Studio. It just making stop the video when mouse hover.

I just want to hide/show control bar at bottom on video. I don’t want to stop video I just want to hide control bar when mouse not moving. Please check this pictures


Picture 1 : Control bar not showing because mouse not moving.

Picture 2: Control bar is showing now because mouse moving on.


That’s absolutely not what it’s meant to do. As its name implies, when enabled, it should hide the controls UNLESS the mouse cursor is hovering over the player’s div.
Please provide a sample and I’ll take a look.