How to get the thumbnail url for a category using the api

How can I get the thumbnail URL for a category?
If you have an example I can try on the test console, that would be great!
Thank you!

Hi @anna.boccio,

Not sure I understand the question… A category does not have a thumbnail. It’s an entity you can attach entries to. This allows you to better organise your media assets, making content discovery easier. This mechanism also allows for entitlement enforcement, see

If you want to display a thumbnail for each category, you can choose one from an entry attached to it but the category record/object itself has none.

hi @jess, Thank you for responding! And I apologize, for the confusing question. At SAP, we are using a kaltura cloud instance which has “channels”. We are able to assign thumbnails to these channels. How do I find the thumbnail assigned to the channel? (I believe channels are categories?)
Thank you for your help,

Hi @anna.boccio,

That is correct, Kaltura MediaSpace [KMS] channels are category objects [or records, depending on your perspective] with special attributes.
In regards to your question, the thumbnail per channel is kept in a custom metadata profile on each relevant category.
The profile’s name is channelThumbnail.

You can learn about how to work with custom metadata by going through this tutorial:;step=1

This tutorial explains how to work with ENTRY custom metadata objects/records whereas you’ll need to work with CATEGORY metadata but otherwise, the flow is similar and so are the service and action names [endpoints].

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