How to get list RESOLUTION m3u8 file?

Hello @RockLee,


You can get the flavours (different renditions) per Kaltura entry by calling flavorasset.list(), with the entryIdEqual filter member, see

Here’s a sample response:

        flavorParamsId  4
        width   960
        height  540
        bitrate 728
        frameRate       29.97
        isWeb   1
        containerFormat isom
        videoCodecId    avc1
        status  2
        language        Undefined
        id      0_hkv2wvyu
        entryId 0_0qvydshp
        partnerId       103
        version 2
        size    3328
        tags    mobile,web,mbr,ipad,ipadnew,iphone,iphonenew,dash
        fileExt mp4
        createdAt       1583316176      (2020-03-04 10:02:56)
        updatedAt       1583316286      (2020-03-04 10:04:46)
        description     audio warnings: 2106,#Redundant bitrate.

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Hi jess,
I have the same question on iOS, I have researched Playkit’s code but still can’t find any function or attribute to return a list of screen resolutions, can you help me? thanks