How to disable slices in html5 player

Hello, I installed Kaltura CE 11.7.0 and I configured a remote storage and an external CDN, so when I load an HTML5 video player I obtain a 404 loading the slices thumbnail (eg: ).

How, if is possible, I can disable the slices using player api?



Do you mean disabling the thumbnail preview? if so, then yes, you can disable them by removing the scrubber plugin, however, that has the usually undesired outcome of disabling the ability to jump ahead [seek] in the video.

If it is indeed what you mean, let me know and I’ll see if there’s a way to disable ONLY the thumbnailing. If you meant something else, please explain further.

The link you posted gives me a 404…


Hi Jess,

I’m not looking for disable all thumbnails, but only the little thumbnails preview that appear onmouseover on the scrubber of the player.

The link shared in my previous post contains a fake domain ( ), so it will respond with 404. I posted that link, with fake domain, just to share with other users the type of thumbnail that in my installation doesn’t work, so the slices. By the way, I obtain 404 also with the real domain.

Also, I checked and the slices on the scrubber doesn’t work only if the player playing the source video and not a transcoded flavor (the source is MP4/AAC generated by an external encoder, so we don’t have problem using the source).

Using a media entry with a transcoded flavors, the slice appears on the scrubber, but only after reloaded the webpage, so at the second load of the video.

I hope this post can help you to better understand my issue.

As usual, thanks in advance.


Add scrubber.sliderPreview : false to the flashvars or UIVariables in kmc

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