How to create customized transcoding profile?

Can I create customized transcoding profile with customized resolution by kmc?
Now it seems I only can select or create profile by the several profiles which are already setup.

Hi @xwarrior,

There is an Admin Console plugin that lets you create new flavour params, you can find it by going to $YOUR_DOMAIN/admin_console/index.php/plugin/KalturaInternalToolsPluginFlavorParams [Admin Console->Developer->Flavor Params]. For partner ID, use 0 if you want to make it available to all partners or a the specific partner ID you wish to use it with.

Note that this plugin does not expose all available options, if you need more than what it does expose, you can use the FlavorParams API, an example for that with PHP code can be found here:

Once the flavour is created, relogin to KMC and go to Settings->Transcoding Settings and either enable it for the default Transcoding profile or add an additional profile and add the newly created flavour param to it.

Thanks, Jess! we will try this solution later.