How to control which plugins are included in the V7 player bundler?

Hello @jess

We are having a hard time trying to slim the V7 player as it weights more than 6MB and provides a poor user experience.

Our initial thought was to believe that you could activate plugins for the player on the studio interface and then the bundler will create the player with just those plugins included.

Unfortunately this is not the case. The bundler simply merge all plugins together and basically what the player configuration does is to enable or disable the plugins.

As we needed to slim the player as much as possible, we had to delete all the plugins that we are not using and let the bundler create a slimed down version which is working perfectly.

The problem comes when someone just turn on a plugin which is not present and then the player throws an error.

I wonder if there is a way of telling the bundler to actually bundle a player for each uiconf_id with just the selected plugins included. We believe this should be the correct behaviour.

I forgot to mention that we are using KMCNG version 7 with studio v7 where your can actually activate and deactivate the player plugins.

Any thoughts on this matter?


Felipe Borrero


I will try to help here.
could you send me please the partner id uiconf id and the entry id you work with?
you can send it to:

I will check what you have there and check it out