How to combine video with ppt presentation in kaltura's HTML player


I would like to combine video with the presentation.
I found the PPT_Widget plugin sample

unfortunatelly its not working.

Is there any tutorial how to attach the presentation to the video?
Shall i do it in the kmc or it should be specified in the plugin.

Anyone ever try it and could give me step-by-step instructions?

i just found what i exactly need

but dont know how to use it.
I guess its a feature of CaptureSpace - can I use it out of the CaptureSpace - just in my standalone player as a plugin? (how?)

Never used it inside KMC, but according to this:
its seems to be part of KMC

oferc1 the video presentation widget in there is nothing else than the first link i posted

unfortunatelly its flashbased and i am looking for the html5 solution

in the CaptureSpace presentation i saw kaltura have the sliders and chapters in HTML5 player the sec link is showing how it works.

is it possible to use it out of captureSpace? just to use the sliders functionality with mwEmbed player?