How to build MediaSpace-compatible Bootswatch themes? (grunt error - missing bootstrap.less)

I’m new to Bootstrap, but I’m attempting to build a theme for MediaSpace. As I’ve found, and Kaltura support has confirmed, that MediaSpace does not support Bootstap 3 themes, I’ve used the following command to pull down an old branch of Bootswatch:
$ git clone -b “v2.3.2”

With the current, v3, revision of Bootswatch, I could just use “grunt swatch” or “grunt swatch:[theme]” to build themes; however, using those commands with the v2.3.2 branch returns an error and aborts when running the “recess:dist” task:

‘…/components/bootstrap/less/bootstrap.less’ wasn’t found.

I don’t have a “components” directory for either my v3 or v2.3.2 branches, and v3 works without it. Also, when I skimmed through Gruntfile.js in the v2.3.2 branch, nothing jumped out at me as the cause of, or fix for, this error. So, I’m not sure where to go next.

I would greatly appreciate guidance on building MediaSpace-compatible Bootswatch themes or pointers to documentation that will help me with that (or with working past the grunt error).

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