How does the recording in smart newrow map with the entry in Kaltura?

We are working on an LMS application that lets non learners to start a classroom and learner to join these classroom. Currently we are consuming smartnew row for the live classroom feature.

To create a live classroom we first create a templateEntryId and we also create a RecordedSchedule event which gives us the roomID and the EventID. We use this roomID and Event ID to generate a live classroom link to join the live classroom.

The smart newrow API’s provide us with the details of a smart newrow sessions and recordings for these sessions. We are displaying these sessions and recordings under these session in our UI, we want to know how Kaltura manages the mapping between the recordings (in Smart newrow) and the entries created for these recordings(in Kaltura).

Is there any API that we can consume to fetch the entry details based on the recording ID (in smart newrow) or is there an alternative to this approach.

Let me know if you need anything.

Prajwal P