How do I use the HTML5 player by default and only use Flash for fallback?

Hello Community,

I did notice that the html5 Player works more stable than the Flashplayer.
By default Kaltura uses everytime the Flashplayer and do only switch to the html5 Player if there is no flashplayer installed.

I did also notice that some videos can’t be played if the flashplayer is used together with Internetexplorer 11.
The same video works properly if the html5 Player is used together with Internetexplorer 11.

I came accross this article:

I couldn’t figure out where I’ve to set this property described in the article:

mw.setConfig( ‘KalturaSupport.LeadWithHTML5’, true );

Can someone guide me where I’ve to put in this line and what steps I’ve to do that the html5 Player is loaded by default?
I use the Kaltura Community Editon 11.5.0

Thanks in advance

Any new player you create in the universal studio, has html5 as default, not flash.