How do I set action button attribute

I want to display the action button after the video of Kaltura.
How do I set Attribute. [Customize] tab is this URL.

I changed “label” and “url” of [actions] tab. But I couldn’t display [action button] when I submit [Preview player] button.
Dose anyone know this cause?
How do I set each attribute?
And How do I make [Value] column?

Please refer to this thread:

Thank you very much for your answer.
And, I’m really sorry to reply late.
Also, Thank you for the answer to duplicate questions.

Thanks to you told me in detail, I was able to use the custom button.
However, in the remains customTemplatePath is blank, button does not appear after the movie ends.
Is it necessary are other settings?

You can copy the template from;

Thank you.
I copy the template (, and I did uploaded to my server.
And, it has registered the URL to “customTemplatePath” of entry.
However, the button has become not appear.
When revert to “customTemplatePath” of entry to the URL of the template buttons are displayed.
What is the cause?

note that html5 requires that your server will allow JavaScript to load data from your server if the template is not stored on the same domain as the JS code. So it might be that your server where you’re hosting the template file is not returning proper html5 headers for cross-origin content load.

Otherwise, if you have a live test URL, we can review and assist further.

I’m currently using the free account of Kaltura.
And, templates and JS code is in the same my server.
I was confirmed in the preview of KMC …
However, the template has been applied in my server!
Thank you very much!

Pleased to hear it’s resolved. Be great if you can participate in our Kaltura CE survey and help make Kaltura better!