How could i list the entries i see in KMC using API


I am using the Test Console ( and I i am trying to get the entries that i see in Kaltura Management Console (KMC);

  1. i generated a session string using session.start => KS

  2. i called data.list, using that generated session KS but i always get an empty list, even though in KMC i see more entries.


Can you please help me with with a hint to what i may be doing wrong ?
Maybe i should call another API method to list the entries ?


You need to call either media->list() or baseEntry->list()
Also, note that you will not get all entries due to paging.
Here is how to obtain all entries using the API:

Full code for this demo is here:

The short flow is:

// get total count
$total_media_entries = $client->media->count($filter);
// init a pager object
$pager = new KalturaFilterPager();
$pager->pageSize = 500;

// iterate over entries 
while ($processed_entries < $total_media_entries){
// page index incremented at each iteration:
    $result = $client->media->listAction($filter, $pager);
        foreach ($result->objects as $entry) {
            // do something more interesting with the entry

ok, thank you very much