How can I make Kaltura play VPAID js file?

Hey guys,

today I’ve found that I have VPAID as js file and I am wondering how can I get it played by Kaltupa player in a web page?

Thanks for your help and prompt answer!

Hi @Vodzianova,

Please see



thanks, I’ve read docs and implemented the solution (pls see below). But ad does not play. I have checked it in another player and it works. But with Kaltura it does not. Can you please take a look and help? really appreciate your time.

P.S. In a console (DevTools Chrome) no exceptions are seen.
flashvars: {

        "vast": {
            "prerollUrl" :  "http://localhost:8080/vpaidjs.xml"


Sorry can’t post my http://localhost:8080/vpaidjs.xml content as for new users you can specify only 2 links in a post


Please provide a URL to a test page with the player embed and I’ll take a look.

My test page:

<!doctype html>

Even if I specify:
“prerollUrlJs” :“”,

it does not work + no exceptions to understand what is wrong

Best regards + thanks!