How can I change the quality?

How can I change the quality?
1080p, for example.


Can you paste a link to the source entry? I can take a look.
Also, what flavors do you have in your account? you can see them from KMC->Settings->Transcoding settings

Thank you answer.
1 more question.
How can I upload videos on their servers?
Like this :

8 different quality of my videos.
How can I download them each on a separate quality?
Sample : ???


You can download them from KMC by clicking on the entry name and then the ‘Flavors’ tab on the left pane, selecting ‘download’ from the selectbox

or, by using the API like this:

$filter->entryIdEqual = $entry_id;;
$pager = null;
$result = $client->flavorAsset->listAction($filter, $pager);
// $result will be an array of flavors, each with an id, then you can pass each ID to:
$mediaUrl = $client->flavorAsset->geturl($id);
// which will return a URL you can download the entry from