HLS from remote storage/CDN

I have been trying to get HLS to playback entries from a CDN. I have remote storage set up which is accessible via cloudflare cdn.

I created a HTTP delivery profile with path to cdn. Video plays fine with progressive download.

But when I create APPLE_HTTP type delivery profile with VOD_PACKAGER_HLS using same path to CDN, it appends and index.m3u8 to the flavour url which then causes a 404 error because such does not exist in the storage location.

What steps do I take to make this work properly? Do I have to make any changes to the nginx config files?

Please help @jess

Finally got it figured out. The nginx-vod-module is quite amazing. I didn’t understand how it works before.

Hi @ukadikestanley,

Glad you got it to work. For future ref, comprehensive documentation for the Nginx VOD module can be found here:

An elaborate explanation as to the CE configuration is available here: