Help with "advanced" VOD service

We have bee moving from a Wowza backed to an nginx-vod-module backed VOD platform and are looking for some help working through the finer points of configuration such as securing streams across a CDN, performance tuning, tracking etc…

We are a small but growing company that does a fair amount of video delivery. We are successfully running with the nginx-vod-module but I know we’re not doing it as well as we should. I’m looking for a consultant who can review our platform and us make improvements.

Ek Palmer

Hello sir,

I have not tested the token module yet, but I can help you with other things, like professional services, api, remote storage, drop folder, connectors, S3 integration, delivery profiles, upgrades, backups, nagios, etc.

also, I can test the token module and help you making nginx to deliver content only to the cdn, and then we can create specific rules in the cdn.

please send me your contact information via private message if you are interested

Bryan Giles

Contact info sent via PM.

Contact eGrove systems corporation.