Help me with some CE configuration, please

Hi there,

We have completed a CE implementation, but unable to get the videos ingested by Drop Folder or Remote Storage. We can see the files, but unable to play them on the preview.

If anyone can help us, we will appreciate it (obviously, there will be a budget for that help :wink:

Thanks in advance.

The Quxpi Team.

Hello @Romero,

Please elaborate as to the exact problem. Were the entries digested from the drop folder converted correctly and are in status ‘ready’? if so, please provide a sample URL where the player is embedded so I can take a look.

Generally speaking, to debug such issues, run
# kaltlog
from the server’s shell and look at the errors outputted to STDOUT and, in parallel, launch your browser’s dev tools and look for errors under the “Network” and “Console” tabs.

If the entries fail to correctly convert, naturally, they won’t play and there are ways check exactly what happened, which I’ll happily elaborate on, if that’s the case.

No, they are on status Waiting for related files.

Start by going to Admin Console->Batch Process Control and inputting the entry ID. It will provide a drill down of the actions done to the entry and its flavours, what failed, what’s pending, etc…

That’s the thing. It doesn’t have an Entry ID. Entry ID is blank.

Let’s start with posting your dropfolder configuration, which you can get by running:
mysql> select * from drop_folder where id=$YOUR_DROPFOLDER_ID\G

The drop_folder table also includes the error_description and error_code columns, noting the last error.
Please be sure to mask any sensitive info when posting.

In addition, look for errors in /opt/kaltura/log/batch/dropfolder*log and post them here.

This should help us further debug the issue.