Having Problem with Player Integration


I have followed the steps on the page: https://github.com/kaltura/player-sdk-native-ios#architecture-overview

  • I have used pods to install libraries.
  • Successfully deployed the app on iOS

My Configuration:
Domain: http://cdnapi.kaltura.com
uiConfID: 32004532
partnerId: 2005551
entryId: 1_93vrah7a


  • We can’t skip the ad,
  • When i click on the ad and return back, video pauses and if i click again, it goes to advertisement again.
  • Advertisement pauses after 1-2 seconds

Hi @ozan_akcora,

Please download the following demo and try to see if it helps you:

Let me know if you have more questions.



Still i am not able to play this videos .Could you please let me know how to configure and run it in ios devices.Still i am facing issues as ::Error:: -[KPlayerFactory addPlayerToController:] (line:40)

Hi Ozan,

Where can you get the uiConfID: 32004532 from App.
These config is from kaltura dashboard or some where you got