Get player version from API

Hi. I’m doing sysadmin work in media services at a swedish university. Nice to meet you!

Since player versions are not shown in KMC I try to get the versions using API call uiConf.list Unfortunately, I’m can’t make sense of the version value returned in the KalturaUiConf objects. I’m reading the value for “version”, description “UiConf version”

We’re currently on player version 2.80 for our main KMS player. The API returns version=362. Do anyone know what kind of value is returned and how to make sense of it?

Hello @pnts-se,

The player code outputs its version using console.log() and so, on any page where the player is embedded, you can see the version by opening your browser’s dev tools and checking under the console tab.
Regardless, you may also see it when calling uiconf.get() or uiconf.list(), look at the html5Url member of the KalturaUiConf objects. It may say {latest} however, rather than give the actual version, so the best way to be sure is by looking at the Console.


Hi Jess,
Thank you for your reply. Yes, I’ve been looking in the browsers dev tools up until now, and I guess I’ll keep on doing that.

The html5Url member was the way to go. Thanks! But as you say, half of the KalturaUiConf objects give {latest} instead of the actual version.

Hi @pnts-se,

You’re welcome. Indeed, if you set the player to auto update, you will see that. Please note the player is FOSS (licensed under AGPLv3) so you can see all the releases here:

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I’m not at computer to inspect right now but I believe the latest url will redirect to player version so you could curl the latest url and inspect the “location” http header that is returned.