Functionality to kill an event when it is over

Where is thar functionality for v7 player? In my stream entry there is always video from last stream and that is very annoying… It should be black screen and write waiting for next stream…

Sorry for your experiance here

Lets see what is the excact issue

If we understand you correctly once you have finished your broadcast the recording from the broadcast is automatically attached to the entry. This is actually a feature, if you don’t want this functionality but still want to record you can archive the recording or create the live entry to export each broadcast to VOD entry. In addition you can also decide to create a live entry without recording in which case the recording won’t be associated to the live entry.

If this is not rhe case please attach an example


Yes, you understood correctly. I don’t want that recording is attached to stream. Can I modify my existing Stream entry or I need make new entry. When I’m creating new Stream entry I don’t see where I can choose to export each entry to VOD entry. I need Stream with recording. Can you explain me steps how to create the live entry to export each broadcast to VOD entry?

Here is example. Stream record videos in separate entries but always last entry is attached to stream. I don’t want that. I want that after stream end in stream write waiting for next broadcast…