Fullscreen player, without using openFullScreen notification

Hey all,

I have a somewhat peculiar use case that has come up. We have some monitors in common areas that we’d like to experiment with playing videos on. They have a device that has a simple, seemingly Android based web browser. There is no interface to these, so there is no way to interact with the player.

So I started with a proof of concept where the player auto-plays, and then I send a notification to go full screen. The problem is the browser blocks the full screen request as it must come from a user interaction. Chrome in my test case, but I assume other browsers would do this to. This makes sense as allowing a script to do this is probably not a good idea, all things considered.

So, I think what I might do is try to create a player that’s a simply as big as the browser display area. I found this example that I think I’ll toy with to see if I can accomplish what I’m looking for. The URL to my application would contain a entry ID and maybe other options to drive the player, if needed.


However, I thought I would post here to see if anyone else has some good ideas around this. The experience could be similar to this functionality on YouTube.


So I ended up using that sample to get this done. The only fly in the ointment here is that the devices that are playing these videos are Android WebView based. They seem to mute auto play videos automatically. That’s normally pretty welcome, but here, it’s not. We have no way to unmute! Bummer