From my domain,Kaltura host videos not working properly in IOS 10 version and Ipad devices

Hi Team,

Here we are using kaltura host for loading and playing videos in our site. Here we have used
script to load the video.

As I tried to load the site “” from ourside through IPhone6 - IOS10 device and IPAD mini device, video is not playing in both the devices just the spinning only happened.

Could you please check the script and tell me the script is applicable for IPhone IOS10 devices and IPad devices. if it is not means, tell me the upgraded kaltura script version Or solution and how to use it to fix my issue.

Thanks in advance.


Please upgrade your player [ID 8719171] from version 2.35 to the latest [2.48.1]. As I said, you can do this from KMC->Studio.
After that, I imagine it will work correctly but if it doesn’t, please open a support ticket.


how to do it from KMC->Studio. could you please tell me clearly?

We solved an issue like this with the UI variable of the player


mentioned in this Post:


Hi @roger78,

That’s not a good solution since it simply disables the use of the adaptive bitrate algorithm, which greatly improves playback by determining which flavour of the entry to serve based on the network conditions [to put briefly].

You should go to the KMC->Studio Tab-> find player ID 8719171 and click on “upgrade”.
This will upgrade the version to latest [2.48.1] and playback should work correctly from devices running the latest iOS version. At which point, also disable the UI var you added.

Again, being a SaaS customer, if you have any issues or questions, you should contact the support team.