Flavour selector for the player


could we use some UI Variables in the player to select exactly the ID flavour to use?

For us the mediaProxy.preferedFlavorBR variable isn’t enough…



Hi @lluisribes,

Is preferedFlavorBR not enough because you have several flavours with the same bitrate?

The flavour selection logic is explained here:

The playManifest API DOES support passing a list of flavour IDs you’d like to get back, like so:

playManifest/entryId/' + entryId + '/flavorId/' + comma_separated_flavorIds

But I don’t see a UI var that can control the playManifest request the player will make to that effect. Then again, being a backend developer, I confess the player is not my area of expertise, @oren_melamed, is there such an option?

There is an option to force the player to switch to a given flavour if you’re interested:

Hi @jess @lluisribes,

There’s no explicit way to select specific flavourID.
The best option is to listen to the “SourceSelected” event and edit the playback URL explicitly.
You can edit the URL and add/remove the specific flavour ID you require.

You can find more info on how the Kaltura playmanifest service works here: https://knowledge.kaltura.com/faq/how-retrieve-download-or-streaming-url-using-api-calls