Firefox - Sorry, clip not found. Media not found

New install, everything works fine in Google Chrome. but in Firefox when you try to preview or play any file. You get the message:

Sorry, clip not found
Media not found

Where would be the best place to start diagnosing this problem?

Thinking now that it is a result of this ssl error, that only seems to be bothering Firefox:

kaltura:443 uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is only valid for

(Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)

There are a lot of references to kaltura:443. Will try and run config-all again, answering with the complete domain name, but I swear I did that the last time we ran config all.

I can take the same referrer and in chrome it works, but in firefox it generates this in the log file:

Here is the api log file error message:

[errorMessage] => pid: 101| uiconfId: 23449055| referrer:
01/uiconf_id/23449055/entry_id/0_e83decev/embed/auto?| resourceUrl:
bWJlZC9hdXRvPw==| Flavor index : 0| Error ID: 16| Error Message: Stream not found| Stack Trace: null| Initial flavor index: 2| mediaU

Hi Bill,

Can you provide a URL for testing?
Also, anything interesting in the dev tools’ console or network tabs?

Thanks for checking in Jess.

We decided to do what we should have done at the start and just dropped the database and re-installed. Finally determined on the initial install we must have answered the short name for the server, and it had populated the mysql database with just kaltura, and not, which Firefox wanted.