Ffmpeg cpu utilization

I see that ffmpeg uses 100% of a single core.

Is it possible to configure ffmpeg to use more than 1 core if there are no more ffmpeg running?


You can control the number of parallel convert jobs with:
which is set in /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/batch/batch.ini
in fact, you can change the number of workers for many type of jobs.

You should experiment based on your hardware and load and aim at the most optimal settings.
In addition, and I know you already did that in light of another question in a diff post, you can add more batch machines.

You can also start more instances based on load, for that see my demo and blog post here:

There are references to both Chef and AWS there but the same technique can be used with other automation and cloud platform with equal success.


On a 2 cpu machine I’ve noticed ffmpeg uses both cpus when running alone which is what I was looking for.