Feature Request: Embed.ly for Auto Media Embedding on Twitter, Medium, & More

Hello! My name is Jeremy Bauer and I work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We use Kaltura as our video hosting platform. My team and I are building a knowledge base and would like to add Kaltura videos to our articles. However, we use a service called Notion.so for our knowledge base, and we aren’t able to add embed codes. However, Notion.so does use Embed.ly to automatically convert things like YouTube video links into embedded videos. I was wondering if Kaltura has considered using Embed.ly as well to make it easier for users to embed Kaltura videos in places like Twitter, blog services such as Medium, Notion.so, Discourse (I think) etc.

This would be especially great for our students and faculty to share video, as they aren’t always comfortable inserting embed codes in HTML editors (in fact, they’ve proven much more comfortable with video production than HTML editing). I imagine there may be additional tweaking of permissions for using Embed.ly for videos, but I think it would be a valuable feature for users that would allow them to showcase their videos more easily as well as the Kaltura service itself.

Hi @jeremybbauer

Kaltura is already supported and whitelisted by Embed.ly ( http://embed.ly/provider/kaltura ) .
In order to ensure that your player instance is enabled with the Embed.ly plugin, edit the player in the Studio (inside KMC, Studio tab, Edit the player uiConf you’re using), then under “Look & Feel” turn on the option “Enable embed.ly embeds”.