ERROR kaltura 11.17 > kmc > universal_studio NOT WORK

kmc > universal_studio NOT WORK

cat /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/base.ini | grep “studio_version”

kmc_appstudio_version = v2.2.3
studio_version = v2.0.5

rpm -qf /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/base.ini


In chrom browser , it appears to be out error .
{ http://********/html5/html5lib//mwEmbedLoader.php 404 not found }

htmllib5 version NOT assigned!

I too did have problems within the studio.

I can copy and delete players but I’m unable to open any of them. In the gui I see no errors.

When looking into the chrome developer console I don’t see any error, warning or 404er bugs. The frontend just keeps playing the spinning wait symbol until I klick to some other menu like content/dashboard.

Actually there is no way to manage the players in 11.17.