Entry Additional Info - How to add via Java API?


I have my entries added and I can see them in the KMC -> Content -> Entries page. When I select and Entry and choose “Select Action” -> “View Details” I’m presented with a pop up dialog that lets me see all the information about the Entry. One of the sections is labeled “Entry Additional Info”. I’d like to add some data to this section programatically. But can’t find where in the API the capability is.

I’d also like to do a media list and be able to query / return these values…

Thanks in advance,

Hi @garberfc,

That’s the custom metadata mechanism.
Please see:

Hi @jess,

The example page hangs when moving from step 1 to step 2.

Is it really that involved? It seems like step one is the creation of a metadata profile where an XSD has to be associated with it. I just need to store a couple of key/value pairs of data… Is there a simpler method??