Entity media not found

I would like to thank you on such amazing platform, it’s really awsome
I have installed Kaltura using “Single-server All-In-One Docker container Installation”
Everything works just fine except after uploading a video it looks like this:

I’m using Kaltura node js SDK and I can create a session and list the media but the result of media list is empty because the video ID is not found
Can anyone please help,
Thanks in advanced

Hello Nabed,

1º You must look for the ID of your uiconf (player):

2º Now you can access to admin_console (Tab “Ui Conf”) and search your uiconf and change version of HTML5 from version v2.80 to the latest version that exists in the system --> You can put {latest} :

Hi all,

While @angober’s suggestion is a good one, v2.80 is indeed the latest version and you should have it.
What is the output for:

rpm -q kaltura-html5lib