embedPlayer.currentTime for mobile shows always 0

Problem with mobile devices - android and iOS.
Lets take specific class acPreview.js wich is a part of Access Control resposible for displaying the warning message when the allowed preview time pass.

There is if statement saying if (embedPlayer.currentTime >= ac.previewLength)
For any web browser class embedPlayer.currentTime shows the current time of the video
for mobile devices it always return 0

ac.previewLength is correct for both.

First question why for mobile devices currentTime always 0 / how to fix it?
Sec question what other property can I use there to determinate the current time instead?

no other place where I can take the current time from? and its working on Android and iOS

“mobile devices” should not return 0 for currentTIme. It should return the correct time per video playback position. Do you mean with the native SDK? or some other type of bug?

unfortunatelly they (mobile devivec) do return 0

bellow screenshot from Android 5.0

and here from the desktop browser:

My version of HTML5 player is v2.27

trace is done in acPreview.js just before the check:

if (embedPlayer.currentTime >= ac.previewLength) {

I have flagged this with the developers for immediate review.

I am also experiencing the same issue. Any idea on a possible fix kaltura please?