Embedded Self Hosted Video Player with Kaltura [Replace with JW-Player]

Hello Kaltura Community,

at this moment we use JW-Player for our self hosted videos.
I registered on Kaltura and I want to replace JW-Player with Kaltura-Player.

We want to integrate our Prerollads too. Is this possible with self hosted videos?
Can you help me with the JavaScript Code?
How much would it cost for self hosted videos and the prerollads-function?

This is our code at the moment with the JW-Player.

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://p.jwpcdn.com/6/8/jwplayer.js?ver=3.9.1'></script>
	<script type='text/javascript'> jwplayer.key='HZe74PoMs7KHhWW6h0ai21mozIoLHwv64N0/fA=='; jwplayer.defaults = { 'ph': 2 }; </script>
<div class='jwplayer' id='jwplayer-0'></div>
<script type='text/javascript'>if(typeof(jQuery)=="function"){(function($){$.fn.fitVids=function(){}})(jQuery)};jwplayer('jwplayer-0').setup({"aspectratio":null,"width":940,"height":390,"autostart":false,"primary":"html5","repeat":false,"advertising":{"client":"vast","tag":"http://ad5.liverail.com/?LR_PUBLISHER_ID=130505&LR_SCHEMA=vast2&LR_FORMAT=video/mp4&LR_WIDTH=940&LR_HEIGHT=390&LR_AUTOPLAY=0&LR_MUTED=0&LR_VIDEO_POSITION=0&LR_DURATION=30&LR_ADTYPE=3&LR_URL=<?php the_permalink(); ?>"},"sharing":{},"image":"<?php echo $poster_url; ?>","file":"<?php echo $video; ?>", "autoplay": false});

Thank you su much


The Kaltura player supports ads usnig the VAST protocol so you can integrate with any service that works with it.
See: http://player.kaltura.com/docs/index.php?path=kvast
You can self host the Kaltura platform using the community edition [AKA CE] for free or, if you wish to get official support, using Kaltura OnPrem.
More info about both options can be found here: