Embedded Playlist Not Working in Learning Platform in Incognito Mode

I work for a learning platform, and a client is using our platform’s embed feature to embed a Kaltura playlist. The video playlist plays fine in the platform in a normal browser (Chrome 85.0.4183.102). However, the video playlist does not load the other videos in the playlist successfully in an incognito browser.

For security purposes, I have extracted the URLS in the error codes. However, I have listed the errors below:

  • Unsafe attempt to load URL [SRT URL extracted] from frame with URL [URL extracted]. Domains, protocols and ports must match.
  • Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found).

We cannot find much on our end on why this is occurring. Could this be an issue with the Kaltura playlist configuration?

Hello @arosen,

Please provide a sample embed code we can look at.
If you’re a paying customer and do not wish to share it on the forum, please open a support ticket.