Embed two players with transcript on same page

When I embed two players with transcript on the same page the transcripts get messed up and the latest video’s text i shown for both. Solution anyone?

Hello @SaraSundell ,

Since there are multiple ways to embed players onto pages, as well as many different player versions, it would greatly helped if you shared a test page in which you’ve embedded these two players. Failing that, please post the full embed codes here so we can help you further.


        "targetId": "kaltura_player_UniqueID",
        "wid": "xxxx",
        "uiconf_id": 23453097,
        "flashvars": {
            "inlineScript": false,
            "transcript": {
                "plugin": true,
                "transcriptTargetId": "transcript-player-plugin_UniqueID",
                "collapsed": true,
                "onPage": true
        "cache_st": UniqueID,
        "entry_id": "@entryId"


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