Embed Player is selecting source with audio while opening website with mobile device

Hi everyone, I have problem with Kaltura embed player (kWidget) where while trying to play video by entryId it works OK on desktop but on mobile it is only using source with audio only. I tried to somehow force other flavor of this entry but all found solutions didn’ work:

  • putting flavorId in flashvars
  • executing sendNotification with ‘doSwitch’ param and flavorIndex

Is there a way to disable algorithm which is constantly trying to play audio only of my mp4 file, where I know that browser on that specific device can play video (direct link in browser was my test). Some configuration? Some extra API call to get proper flavorId and some way to force player to use it? any help will be good for now, because I’m stuck.

Could you please share such page where we can reproduce your problem?