Easy wyas to do performance testing

Hello everyone,

I have setup a single box Kaltura server and export player embedded code using KMC and it could render video successfully. Want to test performance, saying if there are 10, 20 or even more concurrent connections, what is the bandwidth, CPU, memory consumption and whether client side has good or bad experience. Wondering if there is a way to simulate client traffic to do such kinds of performance testing?

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Hello Lin,

You can use Apache benchmark to the embed codes.
Like so:
# ab -c 500 -n3000 http://embed_url

If you want to actually play the video, you can use something like Selinium for that and also, you can use our API to trigger a playManifest call. Such a test exist in our sanity and you can copy it from there and run it in high concurrency.
Look at /opt/kaltura/bin/kaltura-sanity.sh
php $DIRNAME/play.php

Thanks Jess for the details,

What are the benefit and additional issues we could found when using the kaltura-sanity.sh tool comparing to ab itself?



I did not mean for you to use kaltura-sanity.sh for benching, just that you take the play.php script as used by sanity and run it in high concurrency.

Hi Jess,

Dumb question, what are the additional benefits and issues we could found when play.php, comparing to leveraging ab directly?


It will actually imitate the action of requesting playback as far as the server end is concerned. As opposed to just ab which simply makes a page request, causing the player to load but nothing else.

Thanks Jess,

But from performance testing perspective, what are the differences from measure server throughput perspective? Please feel free to correct me and it seems you mean play.php just add some client side functions and for server, it is the same?