Dynamic contextual playlists

We have

  1. editorial websites with lots of text content
  2. a video archive in Kaltura

Our goal:

  • match videos from Kaltura to articles contextually (e.g. by matching article tags with kaltura tags, or by parsing article body for keywords and search for videos with these keywords in Kaltura)
  • create playlists with matching videos on the fly
  • play videos and playlists in Kaltura player (can be a separate player than the one we use for our regular editorial video workflow)

Has anyone done this before? Can it be done as a Kaltura plugin (server & player) or should we rather implement as a standalone component?
Thanks! Jens

Hello @jens1,

For listing Kaltura entries that have tags that include certain strings/keywords, you can use baseEntry.list() with KalturaBaseEntryFilter, here are some members [filtering criteria] that may be of interest:


If you have Elasticsearch deployed (you did not specify whether you’re using Kaltura SaaS or CE and if CE, of what version), you may also utilise the esearch.searchEntry(), which depending on the case, may be faster in terms of processing and returning a response.

I’d also advise you to search through caption assets (in the event your entries have subtitles associated with them). If you also associate docs with your media entries, you may want to search in these as well.

I don’t know whether you make use of our thumb cuepoints (i.e: process PPT[X]/PDF files and generate cuepoint objects from these, to display with the video in split view) but if you do, you may want to search through these objects too.

With regards to playlists, see my response here: Making PlayList

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